Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome, Thank You and Goodnight

'Greening the Orange'
This is a fun little catch-phrase coined by...well, I'm not sure who exactly. But the message is quite clear that we do, in fact, have a community of people who want to see some green in Orange County. I happen to be one of those folks.

My interest in eco-consciousness has no real starting point. I did not have an epiphany after working for the oil industry or seeing the effects of global warming in a video. I was actually just taught as a child that the earth is a nice place and it would be, well, rude of us to do things to harm it. Like littering, or killing animals, or throwing things away that could be recycled. In the Midwest, where I am originally from, we had city recycling programs since the late eighties (gasp! no way!) Not that the general area of the nation is necessarily 'green' but they did have that fundamental down pat pretty early on.

I was not brought up a hippie treehugger by any means and we sure did eat our share of meat and potatoes, but I learned a respect and awe of the environment then that has carried through to today. So now that I am a hippie treehugger I can honestly say that, yes, I love Mama Earth and I always have.

So welcome to my blog. My goal here is to expand my network of local greenies and also to teach what I know about Green Design. I am an Interior Designer by trade and have discovered a wealth of information and resources over the years. I think it's important that we constantly share information with anyone who is interested and willing to learn. I'm pretty sure it's what Mother Nature would want...

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