Sunday, February 1, 2009

Environmental Sustainability Conference

Last Friday, Vanguard University in Costa Mesa put on one of the best local green events that I have been to. It's rare that an event outside of LA is so organized and brings such a great crowd in terms of speakers and exhibitors.

The event featured local green business owners who have been making waves in Orange County for the last several years. A few of them even began the movement well before OC was ready for it. As a result, their struggles have proven that not only can sustainable businesses be successful but they also create a community that thrives.

Keynote Speaker, Pierre Senizergues, is the founder of the local Sole Technology- the parent company for some of the largest action sports companies in the world. He started his environmental journey many years ago and built the first green building in Orange County as well as taking the manufacturing industry by storm when he demanded that his shoe plants go green several years ago. Pierre was also the Executive Producer of the film 'The 11th Hour.'

Pierre is somewhat of a hero in the local green business world, having recently been the 'bar' that was set for OC Metro's Green Issue. His presentation at the conference met all expectations as he described his efforts with such enthusiasm that it was hard not to just jump up and hug him.

The rest of the speakers were equally notable, though I don't think I could keep your attention if I went into detail on each of them. But I do want to note who they were because each of these people are worth checking out. It's always nice to know who the players are.

Shaheen Sadeghi, Founder of the LAB and the Camp in Costa Mesa
Spencer Brown, Owner of Earth Friendly Moving (the baby diaper boxes)
Rachel Hulan, Owner of Path Design. Rachel is a fellow Interior Designer and was my previous employer and mentor in green design!
Martin Diedrich, Owner of Kean Coffee in Costa Mesa
Christina Kull, Environmental Engineer at Northrop Grumman Corporation
Jim Woodrow, Professor at Vanguard University
Helene Kennan, Bon Apetit Restaurant

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