Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I want that!

Every day it seems that there are new products coming out that will shock and amaze. Items that are so well-designed and functional that they make us think "how did I ever live without that?" And then there are the classics...

Here is what's on my wish list right now:

The Vers 1.5R is an AM/FM radio, alarm clock and ipod dock. And guess what? It's green.

This is a biodegradeable urn (with succulents), perfect for sprucing up a small apartment or windowsill

These amazing ceramic 'takeout' containers are the creations of NY based Lorena Barrezueta

The Verizon Wireless Modem allows you to access the internet from pretty much anywhere. Imagine all the work that could be done from the beach...or park...oh yeah

I just love these lunch bags!

Felt 'stone' pillows, large and small add humor (and comfort!) to any living space

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