Saturday, February 7, 2009

not your grandmother's wallpaper

Most people have a pretty strong memory of their grandmother's house. The smell of cookies or bread and getting to stay up later than you were normally allowed brings back fond memories for many. But I'm going to venture a guess here that the design of the house didn't rank quite as high...tchochkes from floor to ceiling, faded carpet, outdated draperies. Am I on the right track? Well, some of the things from grandma's house are now finding their way back into the world of high design, and it looks like they might just stay awhile.

Wallpaper is one of these such things and I can attest to previously being on the other side of the fence. But thanks to companies like Farrow & Ball I have fully recovered from my wallpaper aversion.

Farrow & Ball is a British manufacturer of paint and wallpaper, but have showrooms all across this side of the pond.

The images here are beautiful, but even they don't do justice to the magnificence of the actual paper. The color palette is earthy and rich and the paper patterns range from funky to elegant so there are endless possibilities here. The papers are printed using traditional blocks and water based paints so they have a totally unique texture and quality. They make a bold statement no matter where they are and truly are timeless design.

Samples of both paper and paint can be ordered through the website and product can be ordered through me.

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