Friday, February 20, 2009

global green pre-oscar party

Yesterday I got the great opportunity to be a guest at Global Green's annual Pre-Oscar party in Los Angeles. The party was at the Avalon Hollywood and we were the guests of K.L.Nicolai & Associates, my local distributor of Caroma (Yes, the toilets. If you need a refresher take a look back at the Product of the Week post in January '09) who were a sponsor of the event.

The party had a fantastic turnout and lots of energy, with A-listers and local greenies alike, mixing and mingling into a great big ball of eco-madness. At least that's what it looked like from my view, which was right in front of the stage while enjoying musical performances by Gavin Rossdale and Sheryl Crow. A supportive Gwen Stefani watched from the balcony above while her hubby did a great acoustical set.

The theme of the evening was Greening Our Schools, which is one of the fundamental goals of Global Green. Matt Peterson, the CEO of the organization, and Neil Patrick Harris urged guests to contribute what they could via the oh-so-simple text message donation, which I personally think is genius. I can only hope that the response was tremendous.

my husband and I after rockin' out

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